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At ANiMA, we specialize in 3D printing, also known as Additive Manufacturing (AM), a process that transforms digital designs into physical objects by building them layer by layer. Since 2009, we have been dedicated to providing complete 3D printing solutions, supporting a wide range of applications from prototyping to full-scale production in both plastic and metal materials.


Our offerings include:

  • ANiMAke: Our dedicated 3D printing service that caters to various production needs, delivering precision and quality whether you need rapid prototypes or complex production parts.
  • Diverse Technology Portfolio: We provide a wide selection of 3D printing technologies, partnering with industry leaders like ZRapid, 3D Systems, and Meltio (SLM, SLS, SLA, LMD, MultiJet, FDM) .
  • Open Material and Parameter Systems: Our machines can support an extensive range of materials, including advanced metals and high-performance plastics. With open material systems and fully adjustable parameters, we meet the specific demands of diverse industries, from aerospace to consumer goods.
  • Comprehensive Support Services: ANiMA offers end-to-end support, from helping you choose the right printer and materials to providing training, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

Commitment to Quality

Our core pillars include:


Quality machines with components from top manufacturers

Great Parts with excellent mechanical properties and high accuracy

Good price, end-user affordable and market competitive

Open material, total control of all process parameters

Excellent Support, our certified technical team offers immediate support and training all over Europe

We offer software licenses from Autodesk since 1991, together with training and support services. For more infomation and inquiries, please contact us.

Solutions for a single point of truth for all engineering documents and drawings. Our solutions provide configurable workflows, collaboration, versioning, auditing, regulatory compliance & much more, such as:


- Manage All Mision-Critical Document Types

- Maintain Engineering Data Integrity 

- Ensure Effective Control and Change Management

- Reduce the Cost of Handover 

- Break Down Information Silos Between Disparate Departments


For more information please contact us or visit our solutions profile below:

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